March 30, 2016

easter 2016

Icing Colors
Light pink - Copper (Fleshtone)
Coral - Red + Electric Orange + White
Deep Pink - Deep Pink + Fuschia + Red (ADDED CORAL ICING prepared above to make it less purple) + White
Green = Electric Blue + Mint Green + White (use less Mint Green next time)

Cookie coloring time . . . (notice the one he accidentally ate!)  I didn't get the markers out soon enough!

The self-declared coloring contest "Winner":

March 20, 2016

happy 5th birthday!

This little guy helped make the whole cake!  Greasing up his hands to make marshmallow fondant . . .

After spraying with Silver Shine . . .

Now on to the cookies . . . he colored each one all by himself!  We thought about making them party favors for his cousins, but he didn't stop coloring.

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