September 17, 2015

baby boy bow tie shower favor

I can post these now that the baby shower is underway!  I had so much fun making these for a friend who is a hosting a shower for her little sister's new baby boy!

A screenshot of the shower invited that inspired this set of cookie favors . . .

Challenge #1 was finding the perfect font!  The one I used was actually an image I found by searching "script baby words".  It might be my favorite font ever!  I just wish I could find out what it's called and use it for other name cookies.

I used a size 2 tip for the font.

Icing Colors
Gray - white icing with tiny bits of black icing added to it
Light Blue - white icing + navy blue
Medium Blue = navy blue (not dark enough), so I added black to get the final navy color

I may finally have figured out the best way to ice lots of cookies - bags of thicker icing with small tips  (all size 2 for outlining) and thinned flooding icing in my favorite icing bottles with bigger tips.

A shot of my Kopykake projecting my new polka dot stencil from the Cookie Countess . . . I can't believe I never tried putting a stencil in the Kopykake before!

Night #1 of icing . . . 

I used a Cookie Crazie technique to get some dimension to the bows - letting the sides dry completely before adding the center (the next day).

Lots of drying "boy bow ties" - I'm guess in pink/purple these would make adorable bows.

There is nothing I like better than dried and lined up cookies!  They are all ready to be bagged up into shower favors - can't wait to see the final result!  

UPDATED with actual shower pics . . .

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