July 6, 2015

red, white, blue & lots of icing!

We had a fantastic weekend full of fireworks and colorful icing!  My tri-color icing tip arrived just in time to try out some red/white/blue cupcakes for our Friday night party.

I couldn't resist matching red, white & blue plaid . . . you never know when they just won't do it anymore!  All ready to go on Friday night for our first fireworks celebration of the weekend . . .

I was up early Saturday morning to make icing  in red, white & blue . . .

This seemed the perfect chance to use my new airbrush again . . .

[Font: KG Strawberry Limeade] 

And since I had a little extra time, I made more cupcakes, this time with a different icing tip!

The end of another great 4th of July party . . .

July 1, 2015

a giraffe 1st birthday

These are 1st birthday cookies that a friend asked me to make, I think while she was still pregnant!

My only guidance for this set was "yellow/gray/giraffes" . . . I had just made these bumble bee onesies and loved the chevron stenciled background, but didn't want something quite as bright yellow for the giraffes!  I used "Lemon Yellow" Amerimist airbrush color for this . . .


And thanks to Amazon Prime . . . I was able to get the sheen set of airbrush colors just in time!
                                     AmeriColor Amerimist Metallic & Pearl Sheen Airbrush .65 Ounce Set of 12
The lighting is terrible - I'm sure it was a super late night picture with nothing but dining room light!  BUT you can see the sheen Lemon Yellow and sheen Silver colors!

Besides the new giraffe cookie cutter, I had no plans.  So, I started with a candle and the number circle I've done before and then decided to make my own "1".  

Here's a picture of my attempt at a homemade "1" cookie shape.  This is the font cutter I wanted, but didn't find a cutter for in time!  I was able to grab the small "1" from a bake shop down the street the morning I started baking.

 . . .I was able to outline this "1" using my brand new 1.5 PME tips - LOVE them so much!

Drying base coats - waiting for airbrushing!

All ready to go to Will's birthday party . . .

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