June 3, 2015

oscar statues (take 2)

Oscar cookies for a 40th birthday . . . the statues were standing on a piece of cardstock that said "Fabulous and 40" to give them a little extra stability!

I would have never agreed to make 25 3-D cookies if I hadn't already tried these for our school auction a few months ago and had some hope of them standing up!   

hile the basic cookie was identical, I think the shiny gold shimmer on these made a world of difference!  

Just a few notes I wish I would have taken the first time around . . . 

(1) Bake all Oscar cookies first and let them harden overnight before standing them in a round cookie base. I had quite a few Oscars break in half because they were just too soft!

(2) Make the round base cookies big enough!  Bake them on the 2nd day so you are ready to insert the harder statues into a soft base and force it to fit!

The best part of this round of cookies . . . I finally ordered my new Christmas present (yes, it's May!) and it arrived just in time to use to add "gold shimmer" to the Oscar statues!

I have so much to learn, but so far I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my airbrush!

Lots of Oscars drying . . . 

Trying to figure out what bags to use . . . (and super excited to find another reason to use the custom Oscar cutters I had made for our school auction!)

Finally, all packed up and ready to go!  

A picture from the birthday party . . .

And why not set up "target practice" with a  leftover cookie for some boys that were dying to try out the new airbrush!!!

Forget the shimmer!  The boys chose the brightest/darkest colors possible.

The real masterpiece . . . poor Oscar!

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