May 11, 2015

mother's day

Somehow Mother's Day weekend was anything but relaxing!  It wasn't until late Saturday night that I got around to making food for lunch at my sister's house on Sunday!  I decided it was time to try Pam from Cookie Crazie's (who I can't believe I got to meet a few weeks ago!) Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe (link to recipe)

I think it's seriously been a few years since I used piping bags, but I was so excited to try Pam's fancy Saran wrap trick, so I went back to icing bags for this set!   Definitely a little harder for the boys, but cleaner and maybe faster!?!!?

Nick's "special cookie" . . .

And my half-done flower, which looked so much cuter once the white center was done!  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of that?!?!?

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