April 8, 2015

happy 60th birthday!

We had a surprise after work/school pizza, ice cream, cake & cookie dinner for my Dad's 60th birthday at my sister and brother-in-law's house last week.  

When I sat down to make cookies, I decided the typical gray/black/white "over the hill" cookies weren't going to work with this crew!    1) a bunch of black and gray "60" cookies aren't very fun and 2) it's just way too much black icing for all the little ones to smear everywhere!  So, after the cookie class and our St Patty's Day mustaches on a stick last year,  I knew the perfect theme for Grandpa and all of his cute little grandsons. . . with a cute photo prop snuck in for me and my sisters!!!!

Icing colors were chosen to match the sprinkles . . .

The "homemade sprinkles" - by which I mean I hand mixed the 3 colors together!  

Grandpa and all of his little guys . . . he deserves this after all the years he lived with girls!

And one last picture of my littlest cutie . . .

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