April 4, 2015

good friday pastels

Here's our super fast, one day Good Friday cookie platter!  There was unfortunately too much work (and fun) that we just had to get in, which is why I sent this plate of freshly iced cookies with Tyler on the hour and a half drive to his grandparent's house for their Good Friday fish fry, hoping they might be somewhat dry by the time the kids were ready to eat dessert.  He says they were fine (I'll never know - I was home with a sick boy watching movie on the couch!)

So, what led to the last minute cookeis?   Well, thursday night was pretty busy with Easter egg fun . . . the Pinterest whisk trick works great!   Why didn't we think of this when the big boys were younger????  


And yes, we did make every color of egg dye, but Drew decided orange was his color this year (just like Mikey - the orange Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle).

Friday morning, there were work emails to finish and laundry (and maybe organizing of some closets), followed by Drew's first real ice skating lesson!  We are so excited that he's got such a fun teacher (and a little tough too!)  No hanging on the walls allowed?!?!?   Our cautious little guy is nothing like his speedy older brother who never went slow, but thankfully for me I didn't have to see many falls either.  

Since the weather was so awful, we had to skip our annual "Mom and Boys Day at the Zoo" and instead met up with my best friend (since we were in 1st grade?!?!) and her boys for a fun afternoon of bowling alley junk food, bowling and arcade games!  I just love that these kids can see each other just a few times a year and still love getting together.

My sweet monkey - no he didn't bowl that way!  He bowled normally, then turned around and watched it upside down.  He's going to keep us entertained . . .

And then there were cookies (I baked them before the kids woke up early Friday morning), but the icing didn't start until we got home from bowling.  I finished icing the last one, set it on the tray and sent it out the door with the boys.  Poor Ben started feeling sick right before they left so we had a nice evening on the couch.

For the crosses, I used the same trick as I did for our St Patty's Day shamrocks on Spring Break (when we really didn't have time for hours and hours of cookie icing!)  Sprinkle outline first and then flood with icing in the middle.  The sprinkles seem to help everything stay in place and dry faster.

These peeps were with white icing (no time to make pink) - which actually worked just fine with the pastel sprinkles!  This set only used three colors (white, green & orange).

Why pastels?  Especially after last year's quite bright set?  I think I surprised myself with this one - I was helping my friend Lisa make the perfect teal icing color a few days ago and while showing her the magic of "white icing color" I realized i never really bother to use it.  So, the pastel Easter sprinkles I just bought + my icing lesson with Lisa overtook my love of all icing colors that begin with "electric - " (see last year's set below!) and we had pastel cookies!

Bunny tail cookies (or in our house "Bunny butts!) followed by giggles . . .

Nothing fancy, but also not bad for about an hour worth of icing!!!  I'm quickly learning that as much as it hurt me not to carefully plan out everything in advance we don't have much free time right now, so I better get comfortable with less planning and more icing!  In the end there are still cookies topped with sugar which makes everyone happy (and generally nobody but me sees the mistakes in the cookies).


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