April 25, 2015

first communion 2015

This week I worked on a First Communion set for a friend who bought these cookies at our school auction.  She gave me the cake plate as a guide, but with a house full of boys, I didn't quite know where to start with all the pink and purple in these cake plates!  I have to admit, it was a little fun finally trying out all of my pink and purple gel colors:

And making flowers for the first time EVER!

The crosses were a repeat from my Ben's plate last year . . . 

First communion girl cookies 2015 . . .

Rosary cookies via SweetPudgyPanda

Maira's set . . .

and a small set for a good friend's son Henry . . . so glad she lets me repay her for huge favors in cookies!  She's an amazing photographer, so we just trade back and forth!  I think it was last year that I got some amazing baseball pics of my son in exchange for birthday cookies!

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