April 7, 2015

easter eggs, sheep & fun!

With another last minute set of cookies, there wasn't really time for me to make a plan before I started baking, so I took requests from the kids!

This year's quite specific requests:
  • BIG eggs with their names
  • "Coloring Book" cookies
  • Sheep

Once I realized I really wasn't going to have much time to decorate, I went for the sprinkle drawer. Sprinkles are the perfect way to get cute and quick cookies.  Since Good Friday's cookie were super pastel, so I grabbed the brightest Easter sprinkles I had for Sunday's cookies.

 Super simple crosses (repeated from Good Friday) . . .


Request #1 - HUGE eggs with our names on them

Request #2 - Eggs we can color

My cookie loving nephew . . . 

A quick Easter egg hunt at our house before we drove to see the extended family . . 

Some fun surprises left by the Easter bunny in the dining room!  He was so busy this year he forgot to write up scavenger hunt clues.  Thankfully the boys didn't seem fine with just grabbing their bags and taking them outside to check out what he left for them!

Drew was super happy with his new Star Wars books, Teeange Mutant Ninja Turtle weapons and his favorite Easter book from school "Creepy Carrots".

A quick family picture in the wind . . . can you see the attitude of boy #3 coming out there?  So stinking cute!

Grandma & Grandpa with lots of grandsons!  It only took about 5 pictures to get this one with everyone at least looking up!

Time to color the eggs with edible markers . . .

And the perfect end to a great Easter weekend . . .  playing with the water balloon sling shot left by the Easter bunny!  #ilovebeingaboymom

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