March 28, 2015

almost easter!

Almost a week away from Easter, so it's time to start thinking about Easter cookies.  As always, I dig back through old cookie pics and see what is worth repeating!  And as always, I get distracted by pictures of my sweet boys.

All ready for the drive to Great Grandma & Great Grandpa's Good Friday fish fry last year . . . 

One of my 2014 cookie platters . . . still making that first Easter chick cookie I made in 2011.

Things were super busy in 2013, so I opted to try the Munchkin Munchies' bunny mouth on a stick.  Needless to say, they were a hit!

My 2012 cookies, when I guess I only had time to snap one picture of these cookies?!?!?!?

Some of my absolute favorite pictures (besides the sleeping baby below) is almost iced cookies drying . . .

Love when family pictures have two boys with mouths FULL of chocolate candy . . .

Our oh so sweet Easter Bunny baby in 2011 . . .

And finally, the beginning of my Easter baking!  I remember making these to distract myself from the massive packing/cleaning/organizing of trying to get our first house on the market!!!!   Our real estate agent was less than thrilled to see me baking instead of packing boxes.  

Thankfully they've improved over the years . . . if only I realized how important it was to have good icing consistency back then.  Those poor mis-shapen egg cookies!!!!

And finally, one of my first (and only) attempts at cake balls - they are so yummy, but I never got the hang of them.  Maybe something new to try again this year . . .

Now off to plan Easter Cookies 2015 . . .


  1. Love love love!!! Those bunny face cookies are genius!!

  2. Thanks Sara! I'm trying to talk my boys in them again this year - we'll see!


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