March 28, 2015

almost easter!

Almost a week away from Easter, so it's time to start thinking about Easter cookies.  As always, I dig back through old cookie pics and see what is worth repeating!  And as always, I get distracted by pictures of my sweet boys.

All ready for the drive to Great Grandma & Great Grandpa's Good Friday fish fry last year . . . 

One of my 2014 cookie platters . . . still making that first Easter chick cookie I made in 2011.

Things were super busy in 2013, so I opted to try the Munchkin Munchies' bunny mouth on a stick.  Needless to say, they were a hit!

My 2012 cookies, when I guess I only had time to snap one picture of these cookies?!?!?!?

Some of my absolute favorite pictures (besides the sleeping baby below) is almost iced cookies drying . . .

Love when family pictures have two boys with mouths FULL of chocolate candy . . .

Our oh so sweet Easter Bunny baby in 2011 . . .

And finally, the beginning of my Easter baking!  I remember making these to distract myself from the massive packing/cleaning/organizing of trying to get our first house on the market!!!!   Our real estate agent was less than thrilled to see me baking instead of packing boxes.  

Thankfully they've improved over the years . . . if only I realized how important it was to have good icing consistency back then.  Those poor mis-shapen egg cookies!!!!

And finally, one of my first (and only) attempts at cake balls - they are so yummy, but I never got the hang of them.  Maybe something new to try again this year . . .

Now off to plan Easter Cookies 2015 . . .

March 26, 2015

a cookie decorating party

A few weeks ago, I hosted a "cookie decorating party" at our house for the parish's Fishing for Knowledge series.  I went with a St Patty's Day theme since it kept the color scheme to green (lots of icing for 10 people making cookies!).   Not sure that I'm at all qualified, but I do have plenty of tools and really enjoyed sharing my love of cookies and icing with such fun women!

I don't know what I was thinking - I was so nervous about getting the party set up right that I forgot to really take any good pictures.  SO disappointed!!!

But, there were sprinkles (and cookie inspiration sheets that you can see in the top/left corner). . .

 and cookies. . .

Making up icing bottles/bags right before the party so the icing maintained a good consistency . . .

Tyler helped bring down the kids' playroom table so we could set up the Kopykake for anyone who wanted to try it out . . . there were a few takers!

Some great cookies after a fun night . . .

March 22, 2015

st patty's day in colorado

Between the "cookie party" and packing/booking our last minute Spring Break trip to Winter Park, there wasn't any time for me to decorate St Patrick's Day cookies! But after seeing all the cute cookies everyone made, I couldn't help but bake some to take along!  

Traveling Cookie Party
  • Plain sugar cookies
  • 3 bottles of green sprinkles
  • A few extra icing tips
  • 3 bottles of icing 
  • Corn syrup (to thin it out)

The supplies made it there just fine . . .  I did thin out the icing a bit, but it may not have been necessary if I had used them right away.

This is the first time I've ever done the sprinkled edge first (because I didn't have time to ice the whole cookie and let it dry long enough to add sprinkles) and I think I like it even better than the other way!!!

Nothing better than being up early with a beautiful view .  . .

It didn't take long before my little helpers woke up and the real fun began . . .

Icing Colors

  • Electric Green
  • Leaf Green
  • White

Cookies drying on a paper towel . . . too bad I couldn't bring all of my cookies supplies with us!

My little one's first and only day of ski school . . . he was pretty excited to see Mommy there to pick him up!

We opted out of skiing/snowboarding with the big boys and bought a "foot passenger" lift ticket to eat lunch on the top of the mountain.  It was so fabulous, we did it again two days later.  Not sure I want this little guy ever learning how to ski!  

The big guys after a day of skiing/snowboarding with Dad . . .

We took a day off to go tubing . . .

With only another thousand amazing pictures to go through, I better stop and just start a new post on our trip!

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March 4, 2015

drew's 4th birthday - teenage mutant ninja turtles

After patiently waiting for both big brothers to celebrate their birthdays and then Valentines Day, it was finally time for Drew's 4th birthday!  He really wanted a Star Wars birthday just like the big boys, but we finally got him talked down to something a little more his age - Turtles!

Our super happy 4 year old birthday boy . . .

Mikey silverware wraps for the kids . . .

Turtle Shell Cookies

Since we were a big short on time, I did a big cookie cake with his favorite turtle, Mikey, glued on top with a glob of orange icing!

Drew's 4 Year Old Interview

1.  Who is your best friend?  BenNick (all one word!)

2.  What is your favorite color? Red (just like Ben & Nick)

3. What is your favorite television show?  Star Wars Rebels

4.  What is your favorite outfit?  Anything that goes with his skeleton gloves (he wears them every morning to preschool)

5.  What is your favorite cereal?  Lucky Charms

6.  What is your favorite book?  Good Night Darth Vader

7.  What are you really good at?  Skylanders

8.  Where do you want to go on vacation?  Disney World

9.  What would you buy if you had $1,000?  a LOT of Legos

10.  What is your favorite flavor ice cream?  Chocolate

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