February 13, 2015

star wars–light saber cookies

This week we hosted Ben’s 9th birthday at Upper Limits climbing gym for all the 3rd grade boys!  Since his brother had Skylander cookie favors at his party two weeks ago, I couldn’t say no to the Star Wars cookies Ben requested!  These are a modified version of Sugarbelle's Cupcake Toppers!
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 046
I went ahead and used the same cardstock backing from Nick’s Skylander favors since it seemed to work really well at protecting the cookies from crazy boy hands!
January 385
February 022
Bagging up the cookies . . . so glad they seemed to be dry!
February 023
The first group of boys getting “climbing instructions” . . .
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 072
The birthday boy getting to do the first climb . . .
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 079Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 089
The “party room” – full of pizza, cupcakes and cookie favors for twenty some hungry 3rd grade boys!
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 193
What a fun party for my sweet Ben . . . can’t quite believe he’s already 9!
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 082


  1. What an awesome birthday party idea! And love the cookies!

  2. Sara, thanks so much! It was a fantastic place for a party - would definitely recommend it! Some friends went back with their whole family this past weekend because their son had so much fun climbing.


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