February 26, 2015

“a night at the oscars” school auction

Oscar Night Auction Cookies 040

After two years of casino themed auction cookies, I was a little stressed about the idea of trying something new!  I'm not exactly the biggest fan of change, but once the cookies are all done and arranged on the platter, I'm almost always happy I tried something new!

2014 Auction . . .


2013 Auction . . .

Shana 060

Once I stopped panicking over the new theme, I of course got on Pinterest and found tons of fabulous Oscar cookie ideas!  Clearly others out there love Oscar night just a bit more than I do.

Challenge #1 - Finding Oscar Statue Cookie Cutters

The cutter that was used in the popular Bakerella Oscar Statue Tutorial was no longer available?!?!?  So, after way too much time spent online searching, I ordered my first custom 3-D printed cookie cutters . . . and may have ordered at least two more sets of 3-D cutters since.  It's a whole new world of cookies cutters I didn't know existed?!??!!?

Challenge #2 - Oscar Gold icing!

I clearly struggled here - maybe because it was midnight when I started trying to figure this out or more likely because I don't have an artistic bone in my body!  I'm clearly a science girl at heart and since I couldn't find a "recipe" for the gold color, it was a bit of a disaster!  I finally found a 3:2 ratio of Lemon Yellow:Egg Yellow that I was happy with (or just too tired to care anymore at that point!)

February Tyler Phone 104

Challenge #3 - Standing Oscar Statues

My first failed attempt at getting these things to stand up was using the large cutter on the left! (It was so bad, I didn't even take pictures!)  The small base was inserted into the circle cookie and it looked like the poor Oscar was sinking!?!?!?  NOT good.

Attempt #2 - I tried the largest cutter and trimmed off most of the base before baking.  I realized I needed a gold "pedastal portion" to sit on the black circle bottoms to avoid the sinking look.  Turns out after baking, these didn't even come close to fitting into the base circles.February Tyler Phone 120
Third time was clearly a charm . . . I cut small corners out of the lower pedestal, which after baking allowed for a nice, tight fit into the base circle!
Oscar Night Auction Cookies 027

I think these finally stood up at around 11:30 pm - needless to say I was quite relieved!
Oscar Night Auction Cookies 031

Thankfully, I had already figured out the icing color the night before and was ready to ice these guys!!!

Oscar Night Auction Cookies 033

I would have ideally allowed the icing to dry for much longer, but timing was tight and thankfully the statues didn't wrinkle!!!

February Tyler Phone 123

Oscar Night Auction Cookies 032

February Tyler Phone 119

February Tyler Phone 132
February Tyler Phone 128February Tyler Phone 131

Oscar Night Auction Cookies 036Oscar Night Auction Cookies 037Oscar Night Auction Cookies 038

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February 16, 2015

valentine’s weekend

What a weekend!  If only we were all off for President’s Day tomorrow?!?!?!?  [Update: We are a little bit off – our work sites closed, so that means Tyler and I are both working from home with some excited snow-loving boys!]  Best late Valentine’s Day gift ever for my Ben!
Valentines Weekend 206
My Valentine weekend started at Nick’s 1st grade class party . . . love his happy smile!  I split my parties this year and worked at Ben's Halloween party and got to do Nick's Valentine one.
Valentines Weekend 076
My favorite Valentine yet – a “St Peter Kiss”!
Valentines 020
Valentines Weekend 104
Getting his bag opened and ready to go, so his friends could fill it with treats!  Then, the chaos started - 24 first graders wandering around distributing Valentines!  I LOVE that his teacher makes them fill in their friend's names - this is so much more entertaining than when they just drop blank Valentine's in the boxes.

Valentines Weekend 036Valentines Weekend 068
We did some Valentine crafts on Saturday . . .
Valentines 035

Then, we celebrated Saturday night with family dinner in the dining room . . .
Valentines Weekend 201
The boys are growing up so quickly.  Now more than ever I know that every Valentine's Day that they'll eat off of heart plates and use fancy Valentine glasses might be the last, so we're trying to make the most of every single holiday – fancy straws and all!
Valentines Weekend 222
Valentines 062
And fondue (or "Fun-Doo" as Ben used to call it) for dessert . . .
Valentines 075
FEb 021
Chocolate Fondue (5 stars in my Paprika recipe app – mean all 3 picky boys love it!)
  • 12 ounces milk chocolate
  • 10 large marshmallows
  • 1/4 cup whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup milk
Place chocolate and milk in fondue pot.  Turn on warm.  Stirring constantly, add marshmallows until melted.  Gradually add whipping cream.
Valentines 096
Valentines 078
Valentines 089
And small gifts from Mom & Dad before bed . . .
Valentines Weekend 224
FEb 032
Back to celebrating everything to the fullest, we had heart-shaped sweet potato/pumpkin “donuts” before church . . .
FEb 045FEb 047
And last but not least, I did finally make a batch of heart cookies with my new cookie cutters!  They’re just not iced yet?!?!?!   Even without icing, I am loving these hearts!!!  So glad I finally ordered them!
Valentines 055Valentines 057
The cookie baking may have been a fail, but we had lots of KISSES from this cutie, so I wouldn’t change a thing about the weekend . . .
Valentines Weekend 176Valentines Weekend 179Valentines Weekend 185
Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13, 2015

star wars–light saber cookies

This week we hosted Ben’s 9th birthday at Upper Limits climbing gym for all the 3rd grade boys!  Since his brother had Skylander cookie favors at his party two weeks ago, I couldn’t say no to the Star Wars cookies Ben requested!  These are a modified version of Sugarbelle's Cupcake Toppers!
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 046
I went ahead and used the same cardstock backing from Nick’s Skylander favors since it seemed to work really well at protecting the cookies from crazy boy hands!
January 385
February 022
Bagging up the cookies . . . so glad they seemed to be dry!
February 023
The first group of boys getting “climbing instructions” . . .
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 072
The birthday boy getting to do the first climb . . .
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 079Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 089
The “party room” – full of pizza, cupcakes and cookie favors for twenty some hungry 3rd grade boys!
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 193
What a fun party for my sweet Ben . . . can’t quite believe he’s already 9!
Ben's Birthday Party - Upper Limits 082
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