January 14, 2015

puppets instead of cookies!

I really hoped to do some baking over the weekend, but instead spent most of Sunday with my favorite 1st grader getting ready for his big reading project on Monday!  We had such big plans to work on it earlier in the week, but better late than never.
January Fun 168
He had to pick a story to read to the class, make a puppet of the main character and then write a mini-report on the book.  I'm not a terrible Mom, we had been talking about the project for weeks, but he had his mind set on doing a Skylander book which I wasn't thrilled about!  He even took it upon himself to get it appropved by his teacher.  He is my little go-getter!  I wasn't until I convinced him that it really was going to be too difficult to make a Skylander puppet (and finding a cute TMNT puppet online) that he was sold on switching - yeah!  BUT then we didn’t have the perfect turtle book for him to read!?!?!?!

We bundled up and headed out to get groceries, a book and maybe some Legos!  When we found what I thought was the perfect book, we had only a slight pause over the main character being the purple turtle instead of Raphael (the red one) which is really Nick’s favorite!  Fortunately, Dad is a fan of Mikey, so bought our book and headed home to start on our puppet!

Construction, paper, glue sticks and sharpies . . . OH MY!
January Fun 148
It's a good thing I had so much fun paper on hand . . . there was a great Michael's scrapbook paper sale last year and I might have gotten a little out of control.  This isn't near all of it!

Lots of hard work . . . but so nice to have 1:1 time with this one!
January Fun 139January Fun 146January Fun 151
January Fun 160 Working on the report with Dad, since Mickey (the purple turtle) is Dad’s favorite character . . .
January Fun 172
The black art book in the background is actually big brother’s 1st grade art book that he brought down so he could make sure his puppet is “good enough!”  It reminded me that I really need to sit down and get our new ones started for this year!  These books are as close to perfect as anything I've gotten organized! The boys actually take time to get them out and look at them, which makes it a total win!
January Fun 173
Cookies can definitely wait!  This little guy is way more fun  . . .
January Fun 167[8]

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