January 8, 2015

it's birthday season!

The Christmas decorations are finally all packed away, only one last Happy New Year banner still up and it’s officially the beginning of birthday season at our house!  All three of our boys have birthdays within a month of each other, the two oldest only a day apart so it really does feel like the next “holiday season” – I know the boys certainly think so!  Since the big boys have always celebrated with a joint family birthday party, we let them pick a special breakfast and their own “birthday dessert” on their actual birthday.

As I started thinking about planning this year’s birthdays, I of course had to look back at old pictures when they were just a little bit smaller, their cheeks a little chunkier and their front teeth so cute and tiny!  I’m still working on a way to keep them from growing up so quickly.  Nick and I have discussed what would happen if he stayed in bed all day on their birthday and technically “missed it”, would he really be a year older??

Anyway, I found pictures of Ben’s fun “birthday dessert” from last year . . .
Ben and I went to the store just to browse the baking isle for dessert ideas . . . he immediately spotted a tye-dyed cake mix and was done!   Thankfully I didn’t say no to the birthday boy because we all had so much fun making this one that we made two more of these cakes (slightly more homemade) a few days later for their Teenage Mutant Ninja family party!

The process was a little messy, but probably why it got rave reviews from the little people!



And one picture of the sweet 8 year old (now almost 9!) birthday boy (wearing his brother’s birthday crown from school!?!?!?)  And of course, LEGO candles . . . we love all things Legos, Skylanders and now Star Wars.  Boys are so much fun!


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  1. I used to make cakes like these with my mum when I was younger, I'd have so much fun. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!!


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