December 9, 2014

my favorite baking tools

I was working on this list for my good friend Katie who is starting her own sugar cookie making addiction, but have gotten so many calls and texts from friends this week who are getting into the Christmas spirit and baking cookies with their kids, so I'm going to post as is and update later!

Icing Bottles

If you use bottles instead of bags, these are my favorite was to color icing and then pour it into the bottles without too much mess!

iSi Basics Flex-it 1-Cup Measuring Cup

Silicon Measuring Cup
Americolor Icing Gel Colors

Who knew you had to color icing white?  This is fantastic for making cookies that look like real white and not clearish white.  I also use it all the time to lighten up a color that has gotten too dark!

White White Icing Color

White Icing Color

Round Cookie Cutters

SilPat Non-Stick Mat


[for getting your sprinkles back in the jar]

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