December 29, 2014

christmas cookies

Since work was busier than I had hoped it would be right before the holiday, this year’s cookies weren’t planned out until the very last minute (or really at all)!  In fact, I drug out all 5 of my containers of Christmas cookie cutters and with a little nudging towards “mini-sized” cutters, let the boys pick out what cookies we’d make this year!  I guess this explains the somewhat random assortment of holiday shapes!  I think it was my stubborn 3 year old that insisted we make the large snowflakes.  And since it was “Christmas Week”, I went with it and couldn’t be happier with his choice.

Christmas Break 008

A quick picture of my current cookie cutter storage . . .

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Yes, buying cookie cutters has become an addiction!  At least I’ve finally got them pretty well organized.  Now if only I had a way to know for sure which ones I already have when I’m out shopping!

Now that the boys picked out the shapes, I put them aside and saved them for late night cookie baking . . .

Christmas 117
And since there was no “cookie plan”, we grabbed our wrapping paper and made icing to match!!!!

December 185
  This was the perfect Mommy & Me activity for Nick and I to do . . . earlier this week we played one of his favorite games . . . Color Mix-A-Roo!  Why not practice with real coloring????

December 2014 037
Our Color Mixing Chart
Blue = 1:1 Royal Blue: Electric Blue + White
Green = Electric Green + White
Red = Super Red

I usually do most of my cookie making after the kids go to bed, but since I didn’t want this to interfere with Christmas at home, I started while they were still awake!  Since they seem to be drawn to the kitchen when anything sweet is out, I put them to work . . . they were official “cookie designers!  The big boys weren’t excited about drawing on paper, but Drew stuck around for a while!

Christmas 128  Christmas 129
Thanks to my aunt and uncle for sending over some holiday slush to aid in the late night icing process!  What better way to spend my first night of “Christmas Vacation . . . cookies, gift wrapping and a few last minute Amazon Prime 2-day shipping purchases to grandma’s house because I was pretty sure they wouldn’t make it before we left our house!

Christmas Break 031
These cookies were a fun mix of  old and new designs.

Christmas 2014 148
The snowman mini’s were a repeat from 2012, but thankfully their hats are much improved this time around!!!  I iced the white face portion first, quickly added sprinkles and let it dry for a few hours before adding the hat so that the black didn’t bleed into the white.

Christmas in Carlyle 569[2012 Christmas Cookies]

The giant snowflakes were a repeat from my nephew’s birthday a few weeks ago . . . just with a lighter blue icing this time!

Then on to the “new” cookies, I’m shocked to realize I don’t think I’ve ever made a Christmas tree cookie!

Christmas Break 032
Christmas Break 020
Christmas Break 028
When I realized that there were mini-themes hidden in the random cookies, I couldn’t help but change up the “Merry Christmas” plaque cookies just a bit!
(1) Trees & Lights – “Merry & Bright”

Christmas Cookies 239
Christmas Cookies 248
(2) Snow themed – “Let It Snow”

Christmas 2014 176
Christmas Cookies 258
Christmas Cookies 276Christmas Cookies 290
(3) – Random Christmas – “Merry Christmas”

Christmas Cookies 297
Christmas Cookies 327
These might be my new favorites!  Perhaps the boys will be designing my next batch of cookies.

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  1. Another beautiful batch of cookies, they are wonderful. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!! Laura@Baking in Pyjamas

  2. Your cookies are absolutely beautiful! Pinning!

    1. Thanks! I just checked out your blog - so many creative ideas. I can't wait to try some out with my boys, especially all the candy melting - they will love it.


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