November 5, 2014


Somehow the week got a little busy and there wasn’t time to plan out Trick or Treat night cookies (or really even make them)!  Instead of just scrapping the idea, I decided to see what I could get done in 24 hours!  The icing wasn’t quite dry when I put them on the plate and the pictures are pretty awful, BUT the boys were thrilled with them, so in hindsight it’s a huge win!  In fact, the boys may have liked these better than other cookies because I let them pick out all four cookie cutter shapes!

In an attempt to get ever faster, I'm trying to plan out my icing colors more carefully.  This time I started with only four icing colors:
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black (turned into grey) – saved a bit for the letters
  • White (turned leftover into light/bright green for the details)
Trick or Treat 032
My attempt at a picture before throwing not quite dry cookies on a plate . . . the Trick or Treaters were ringing the door bell as I gave up on this.

Halloween party 099

Halloween party 104

Trick or Treat 033
Wednesday night – Boo @ the Zoo . . . horrible picture because it was dark outside BUT Tyler was out of town, so the fact that we made it there and had fun was another win for the week. 

Boo at Zoo 009
Thursday night . . . Downtown Kirkwood Trick or Treat . . . in some rain!!!!

Halloween party 018

Halloween party 006
Friday night – and no there are no pictures.  We had a fabulous time trick or treating in the cold and hanging out with friends, but once I dropped/destroyed my iPhone, it was time to give up for the week.  Nothing was pretty, but it was all fun!

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