November 30, 2014

thanksgiving pie cookies

I just got a few quick iPhone pictures of the soccer ball cookies Thanksgiving pie cookies that I took to my family's Thanksgiving lunch for my sweet nephew Jackson.  Yes, these were suppose to be soccer cookies, but somehow the week really got away from me and I didn't get these cookies iced like soccer balls for my son's end of soccer celebration.  Fortunately it was only a tiny Mom fail because nobody knew I was planning to make them, until now I guess!

Back to why I decided to use the soccer fail cookies instead of just skipping Thanksgiving cookies this year - my sweet little nephew never really cared for me until I gave him his first cookie and now I can't show up anywhere without getting a sweet smile and hug from him (after he sees the cookies of course!).

So, with a bunch of big, round cookies baked, I surfed Pinterest for "round Thanksgiving cookies" and found tons of adorable pie cookies.  I wish I could say I thought of these on my own, but they were all over!  My favorites were Sugarbelle's Mini-Pumpkin Pie Cookies and Blueberry Pies by Angela Made Me.

Thanksgiving 134

I used Angela Made Me's tutorial for the cherry pie cookies and Sugarbelle's for the pumpkin pie.  Letting the dots dry in the cherry pie cookies before adding more was a bit time consuming, so for the blueberry pies, I tried just icing the base and then adding dots to the base layer.  I think this would have worked fine if I had given it any time to dry first . . . next time.

Thanksgiving 052

Thanksgiving 039

Icing Colors:

Pumpkin Orange
     - Super Red
     - Gold
     - Lemon Yellow
     - Warm Brown (just a little bit)

Cherry Red
     - Red
     - Burgundy

Pie Crust Brown
     - Warm Brow
     - Ivory
     - White (to lighten)

Thanksgiving 053

Happy Thanksgiving!

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