November 1, 2014

camera cookies

Since I don’t sell my cookies and basically only make them for my kids, family events and stuff my kids are involved with (which shockingly keeps me fully booked up), this was the very first set of cookies that had any type of color palette/font that I had to follow – yikes!?!?!?!
Courtney Goble Photography 040
My best friend (since 1st grade) started a photography business and needed some cookies for her first event/booth, so while she starts an exciting new business, I got to pretend I was a real bakery owner for the week and made cookies to match her theme! 
I started with her logo and color palette . . .
Courtney Goble Photography   IMG_1997
After some quick research online, I found a fabulous icing color website that gave amazing instructions for creating custom colors – Cookies and Color by Love at First Bite.  I found the perfect colors under their orange tab:
Somehow I didn’t have all the colors I needed!   Thankfully I keep these pictures of our Hobby Lobby icing selection handy so that I know what they have before I drive over there and end up spending a fortune on things I didn’t need and still don’t have the right icing color!
Then a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some missing colors (Terracota, Peach, Violet and Red Red which for some reason looks orange in this picture!)  And back home to see if we could get icing the color of Courtney’s fall colors.
Halloween 058
We (me & my color assistant) started with 1:1 Super Red:Electric Orange
Halloween 062
Don’t worry – I didn’t let the 6 year old make the real icing, just the test colors!  Once we saw that it worked, his attention span was done anyway!
Halloween 063
Melon, Apricot and White icing ready to go . . . I think I ended up adding some White coloring to tone down the melon just a bit but forgot to take a picture of the “after”
Halloween 066 Halloween 068
Then on to the actual cookies.  I can’t take any credit for this design!  Courtney sent me the link to A Bee in Our Bonnets Double Decker Camera Cookies and adapted them to fit the color scheme!  I wish I had their small cutter, but since I didn’t it was time to try hand cutting cookies!  Thankfully these were pretty simple . . .
Halloween 050
Halloween 072
There are few things I love more than completely decorated cookies drying . . .
Boo at Zoo 040
Boo at Zoo 043
Courtney Goble Photography 023
Courtney Goble Photography 043
Courtney Goble Photography 049
Courtney Goble Photography 072
Courtney Goble Photography 058
The cookies at their final destination . . .

And this adorable little raffle box that Courtney put together . . . now with this cuteness, perhaps my imaginary bakery could be profitable someday!!!  So cute.

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  1. Wow these are just too perfect and cute! I love them. How do you get the icing so perfectly smooth?

  2. I use a glaze icing (powdered sugar, milk, almond flavoring & corn syrup). The trick is getting the perfect consistency, not too runny and not too stiff! Each time I make cookies, the quality of icing basically determines how nice the cookies end up looking! I outline the round cookie and then flood it with the icing. Some people use two different consistencies for these steps, but so far I use just one. Hope that helps a bit!

  3. They are wonderful, you've such a talent. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!!


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