November 30, 2014

thanksgiving pie cookies

I just got a few quick iPhone pictures of the soccer ball cookies Thanksgiving pie cookies that I took to my family's Thanksgiving lunch for my sweet nephew Jackson.  Yes, these were suppose to be soccer cookies, but somehow the week really got away from me and I didn't get these cookies iced like soccer balls for my son's end of soccer celebration.  Fortunately it was only a tiny Mom fail because nobody knew I was planning to make them, until now I guess!

Back to why I decided to use the soccer fail cookies instead of just skipping Thanksgiving cookies this year - my sweet little nephew never really cared for me until I gave him his first cookie and now I can't show up anywhere without getting a sweet smile and hug from him (after he sees the cookies of course!).

So, with a bunch of big, round cookies baked, I surfed Pinterest for "round Thanksgiving cookies" and found tons of adorable pie cookies.  I wish I could say I thought of these on my own, but they were all over!  My favorites were Sugarbelle's Mini-Pumpkin Pie Cookies and Blueberry Pies by Angela Made Me.

Thanksgiving 134

I used Angela Made Me's tutorial for the cherry pie cookies and Sugarbelle's for the pumpkin pie.  Letting the dots dry in the cherry pie cookies before adding more was a bit time consuming, so for the blueberry pies, I tried just icing the base and then adding dots to the base layer.  I think this would have worked fine if I had given it any time to dry first . . . next time.

Thanksgiving 052

Thanksgiving 039

Icing Colors:

Pumpkin Orange
     - Super Red
     - Gold
     - Lemon Yellow
     - Warm Brown (just a little bit)

Cherry Red
     - Red
     - Burgundy

Pie Crust Brown
     - Warm Brow
     - Ivory
     - White (to lighten)

Thanksgiving 053

Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 22, 2014

disney world vacation

How do you make waiting in long Disney ride lines (or in our case a 7:00 am flight) with three excited kids a little more bearable?  Personalized cookies and their favorite characters of course!

Disney 085
With Tyler out of town the whole week before our trip, there was very little time between the laundry and packing for cookie baking (especially since the boys didn’t know about the Disney trip – we decided to wait and surprise them when we woke them up at 4:30 am on Sunday morning).  In hindsight, we should have probably told them night before.  We were worried they wouldn't get any sleep, but they were so tired that I don't think they really understood until we were boarding the plane.  And Drew who completely slept through the flight may not have understood until we hugged Mickey Mouse on Sunday night.  Either way, the kids LOVED the surprise and asked that we do all vacations like this from here on out!  They sure don't get their love of being surprised from me!?!??!

There were tons of great Disney cookie ideas online but I ended up going with mini-Mickey shaped cookies with the character colors.  Cookies were baked on Friday night while I waited for Tyler to get back from his work trip.  Then, we had all day Saturday for packing, shopping and icing cookies . . .

Disney - Sunday 004
Disney - Sunday 014
Disney 015
I am so used to making cookies late at night, with the kids in bed.  What was I going to do with the boys while I iced cookies during the day!?!? 

I pulled out Disney Bingo, which unfortunately probably saw it’s last game on Saturday.  I killed two birds here: (1) time alone in the kitchen to work on the cookies and (2) making sure the little one was up to speed on all of the Disney characters.  The only downside to having two older brothers is watching Drew grow up way to quickly.  I was so afraid he wasn’t going to love all the classic Disney characters the way his brothers did when they were his age!

 Disney 018
It’s been well loved and scratched a bit.   The sound went out half way through the game, but they all kept playing.  The best part, they had no idea that we were going to Disney the next morning and still all jumped right into the game and played for quite a while, even without sound.

 Disney 019 Disney 028
We have such good memories of the boys playing this game before Disney trips, I jumped on Amazon to see about getting a new copy of the disc, but yikes it’s probably not worth $80 for another game or two of bingo with sound!  I thought this was around $15 when I bought it 6 years ago?!?!?! 
Back to the cookies . . . I made the Minnie Mouse bow with a space between two small hearts and then added a dot.

Disney 034       Disney 035
Disney 036
Now on to the fun fonts that so many have asked about!  I only wish I could do this freehand!, but unfortunately I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!   I made these using my Kopykake Projector and a free font called “Waltograph”.

Disney 062
Disney 064
  Disney 067
Disney 068
   Disney - Sunday 045   Disney - Sunday 103
All ready to go at 4:30 am when we woke up the kids . . . a big cookie with each of their favorite characters!

Disney Sunday Iphone 002
Bagged mini cookies to snack on while we waited in line for the rides . . . . 

Disney Sunday Iphone 003
And fun personalized Mickey armbands ready to go . . .

Disney Sunday Iphone 041
The cookies may have come out a little earlier than expected, but who can say no to a cutie in a Pluto hat who wants a Pluto cookie for breakfast at 5:30 am in the airport?  

Disney Sunday Iphone 019
And then of course our Donald Duck loving Drew woke up and wanted one too!

Disney Sunday Iphone 021
While getting up at 3:30 am wasn’t great, it sure was nice to have everyone sleep on the flight and get to Disney with plenty of time to enjoy the parks that day!  It never gets less exciting to drive into the Magic Kingdom!

   Disney Sunday Iphone 037
All checked in to the hotel and credit card linked up to  the Mom & Dad magic bands (yikes)!  They sure make it easy to spend $$$$$

Disney Sunday Iphone 042
We made it to the room, but only time for a quick nap before heading out for some fun!

  Disney Sunday Iphone 043

After unpacking and a quick nap, we headed out to enjoy the warm weather!  So glad we did, because the next day got a lot colder.


Once I download and go through the hundreds of pictures, hopefully I'll find time to post some of our favorites!!!

And finally, back to cookies - my next Disney cookies will probably be Monsters University!!!!  Drew announced on Day 1 that he wanted “a green eyeball” birthday party!  So, when the unexpected cold weather hit, I couldn’t help but pick up the warm Mike Wozowski to keep him warm.


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November 5, 2014


Somehow the week got a little busy and there wasn’t time to plan out Trick or Treat night cookies (or really even make them)!  Instead of just scrapping the idea, I decided to see what I could get done in 24 hours!  The icing wasn’t quite dry when I put them on the plate and the pictures are pretty awful, BUT the boys were thrilled with them, so in hindsight it’s a huge win!  In fact, the boys may have liked these better than other cookies because I let them pick out all four cookie cutter shapes!

In an attempt to get ever faster, I'm trying to plan out my icing colors more carefully.  This time I started with only four icing colors:
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black (turned into grey) – saved a bit for the letters
  • White (turned leftover into light/bright green for the details)
Trick or Treat 032
My attempt at a picture before throwing not quite dry cookies on a plate . . . the Trick or Treaters were ringing the door bell as I gave up on this.

Halloween party 099

Halloween party 104

Trick or Treat 033
Wednesday night – Boo @ the Zoo . . . horrible picture because it was dark outside BUT Tyler was out of town, so the fact that we made it there and had fun was another win for the week. 

Boo at Zoo 009
Thursday night . . . Downtown Kirkwood Trick or Treat . . . in some rain!!!!

Halloween party 018

Halloween party 006
Friday night – and no there are no pictures.  We had a fabulous time trick or treating in the cold and hanging out with friends, but once I dropped/destroyed my iPhone, it was time to give up for the week.  Nothing was pretty, but it was all fun!

November 1, 2014

camera cookies

Since I don’t sell my cookies and basically only make them for my kids, family events and stuff my kids are involved with (which shockingly keeps me fully booked up), this was the very first set of cookies that had any type of color palette/font that I had to follow – yikes!?!?!?!
Courtney Goble Photography 040
My best friend (since 1st grade) started a photography business and needed some cookies for her first event/booth, so while she starts an exciting new business, I got to pretend I was a real bakery owner for the week and made cookies to match her theme! 
I started with her logo and color palette . . .
Courtney Goble Photography   IMG_1997
After some quick research online, I found a fabulous icing color website that gave amazing instructions for creating custom colors – Cookies and Color by Love at First Bite.  I found the perfect colors under their orange tab:
Somehow I didn’t have all the colors I needed!   Thankfully I keep these pictures of our Hobby Lobby icing selection handy so that I know what they have before I drive over there and end up spending a fortune on things I didn’t need and still don’t have the right icing color!
Then a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some missing colors (Terracota, Peach, Violet and Red Red which for some reason looks orange in this picture!)  And back home to see if we could get icing the color of Courtney’s fall colors.
Halloween 058
We (me & my color assistant) started with 1:1 Super Red:Electric Orange
Halloween 062
Don’t worry – I didn’t let the 6 year old make the real icing, just the test colors!  Once we saw that it worked, his attention span was done anyway!
Halloween 063
Melon, Apricot and White icing ready to go . . . I think I ended up adding some White coloring to tone down the melon just a bit but forgot to take a picture of the “after”
Halloween 066 Halloween 068
Then on to the actual cookies.  I can’t take any credit for this design!  Courtney sent me the link to A Bee in Our Bonnets Double Decker Camera Cookies and adapted them to fit the color scheme!  I wish I had their small cutter, but since I didn’t it was time to try hand cutting cookies!  Thankfully these were pretty simple . . .
Halloween 050
Halloween 072
There are few things I love more than completely decorated cookies drying . . .
Boo at Zoo 040
Boo at Zoo 043
Courtney Goble Photography 023
Courtney Goble Photography 043
Courtney Goble Photography 049
Courtney Goble Photography 072
Courtney Goble Photography 058
The cookies at their final destination . . .

And this adorable little raffle box that Courtney put together . . . now with this cuteness, perhaps my imaginary bakery could be profitable someday!!!  So cute.

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