October 3, 2014

pink & grey 1st birthday cookies

I was just a little excited to make my first set of pink cookies!!  I'm surprised my pink icing colors were even opened in this house of boys!  Since I'm so new to the girly colors, I wasn't sure which colors to use, but ended up using Soft Pink (132) and Electric Pink (164) which turned out OK.  Looking at it now, I could have added a little less Soft Pink or maybe some which to soften it a bit?

October 011

As always, I started with some simple birthday candles that I've done before.

October 001

And then on to a birthday cake . . . I'm not sure that I've ever done a birthday cake before.  This was originally a wedding cake cutter that I bought for my sister's bridal shower cookies.

October 004-001

These gift cookies are completely new and my Kopykake works great to get extra straight lines!!

October 019

October 021

I love these new plaque cutters so much, I may do a "name cookie" for every birthday from here on out!  I copied these and the Happy Birthday plaque from the 40th Birthday set I did a few weeks ago! I think this blog might finally be saving me time - I was able to look up the fonts that I used for the 40th Birthday cookies:
  • cursive “Lennon” – English Essay
  • “Happy Birthday” – KG Somebody that I Used to Know

October 022

Drying cookies . . . and some more cookie recycling . . . I added birthday balloons from the Dora the Explorer set.

October 023

Added some detail around the name plaques . . .

October 002-001

And some ribbons to the gifts . . .

October 022-001

October 024

I can't wait to add these gift boxes cookies to my Christmas cookies trays this year!

October 008-001

October 010

October 012

A similar round "number cookie" that I made for the first time in my 40th Birthday set.

October 019-001

October 026

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