October 7, 2014

Notre Dame vs. Stanford

What better to do with some extra cookie dough from the pink and grey birthday cookie set than make some super quick ND cookies for our road trip??  I was planning to cover them with green sprinkles because I was sure these last minute cookies were going to look horrible - I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the shamrock shape so I there names on them and skipped the sprinkles.  Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have done the edges in sprinkles - oh well, these will definitely be making another appearance for St Patty's Day!

October - Notre Dame 010

Packing road trip essentials . . . thankfully we also packed ponchos and hand warmers!

October - Notre Dame 012

Fortunately the rain held off until game time, so we did some tailgating, football playing and visited Daddy’s “old classroom” before the game . . .

Notre Dame vs Stanford 026

What a trooper – it was such a miserably cold and rainy!!!!  It was actually snowing a little before the game!

Notre Dame vs Stanford 060

Thankfully we decided to stay in town Saturday night a try for a do over on Sunday!  Where was this weather during the game?!?!?

Notre Dame Game 002

Ben insisted on checking out what was under the golden dome . . . we also did a little Google research and learned that the golden statue of Mary on the top is 19 feet tall.  Love these little boys and their questions!!!  Ben certainly got his Dad's love of useless  interesting facts.

Notre Dame Game 019

Thankfully we’re not quite ready for college applications . . . although we have three little guys who want to be just like Daddy so I guess it’s only a matter of time!!!!

Notre Dame Game 016

Me and my sweet guys!

Notre Dame Game 025

Some bookstore shopping . . .

Notre Dame vs Stanford 116

Notre Dame vs Stanford 123

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