October 11, 2014

frozen themed birthday cookies

When I found out our friend’s daughter was having a Frozen birthday party this weekend, it seemed like the perfect chance to make “practice" Frozen/Olaf/snowflake cookies that I am hoping to make for my nephew’s birthday in December.  But after the fun pink girly cookies I made a few weeks ago I skipped the snowmen and couldn't resist trying an Elsa dress instead!  If my sister is reading this, I promise to add snowflakes and switch out a snowman for the sparkly dress when I make them for Jackson!

The blue is Electric Blue (160) and varying amounts of white to make the two different shades of blue.

Frozen Cookies 110Pumpkin Patch 008

Frozen Cookies 046

Frozen Cookies 048

Frozen Cookies 098

Frozen Cookies 099

Frozen Cookies 103

Frozen Cookies 106
Frozen Cookies 113

Frozen Cookies 115

Frozen Cookies 116

Frozen Cookies 120

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