October 16, 2014

a lego birthday party (January 2013)

After 6 years of super fun "Joint Birthday Parties" and "Birthday Week" it's hard to remember exactly how devastated I was when I found out baby #2 had a due date on the same day as Ben’s birthday!  And how relieved I was when he waited just one more day and decided to come on the day after Ben's 2nd birthday!  Last years birthday party was even more fun because they both wanted the exact same theme . . . what every 5-7 year old boy loves – LEGOS!  In fact, now that we're approaching a 7 and 9 year old birthday party this January, they are both suggesting a LEGO party repeat!

A handmade Lego banner I spent hours making with my new Cameo Silhouette . . . a least there is a chance for a repeat use with all the boys in this house!  Here's a link to a great collection of Lego themed fonts for download.


My first attempt at Lego sugar cookies using the Sugabelle tutorial:


Lego Birthday Party 216

Lego guy silverware wraps . . .

Lego Birthday Party 183

Lego Birthday Party 182

Lego Birthday Party 181

Lego Birthday Party 185

Juice boxes wrapped in construction paper with sticky foam circles glued to the sides made the cutest “Lego Brick Drinks”:

Lego Birthday Party 218

Lego chocolates using this silicon candy mold:

Lego Birthday Party 219

Lego Birthday Party 224

When you realize the night before the party that you really don’t have a plan yet for the birthday cakes!?!?!?  You get really creative and put the kids to work on their own cakes   Smile  Ironically, these might have been their favorite birthday cakes yet.  They were so proud of their creations and thrilled they got to eat the whole cake by themselves.

Lego Birthday Party 227

Lego Birthday Party 228

And cupcakes for the rest of the kids . . .


Our homemade Lego pinata . . . not sure what made me think this was a good idea!  Sometimes PINTEREST really does more harm than good :)  It seemed so simple, but for some reason took FOREVER!
  • Diaper Box
  • Red Streamers
  • Ribbon
  • Red Solo Cups
  • Lego Logo Printouts
  • LOTS of CANDY!

Lego Birthday Party 231

Thank goodness it worked!  There was at least a 50% chance it was never going to open    Smile

Lego Birthday Party 345

One last picture of my favorite smile in the world . . . nothing better than a hand full of Kit Kats!

Lego Birthday Party 352

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