September 15, 2014

Dora the Explorer Birthday

Birthday cookies for a sweet Dora loving 2 year old girl . . .

Green Tree Festival 109

I would have never attempted the Dora characters without the Sugarbelle Tutorial: Dora Cookies Simplified

Cookie cutters: candy corn with top cut off (Backpack) and a rounded 3-tier cake with the sides cut off (the Map). 

Next time I need to make sure to ice the bottom of the backpack first and let it dry a little long before icing the top flap. (and leftover ducks from the baby shower this weekend!)

Green Tree Festival 026

Base coats drying.  For the two-tone stars, I mixed the darker color in a bowl, put 1/2 the icing in a bottle and then used white to lightened the other half.

Green Tree Festival 027

Happy Birthday plaque (font: CK Somebody I Used to Know).

Green Tree Festival 029

Green Tree Festival 032

I hedged my bets on the characters and made other “plain birthday cookies” just in case the characters were a total disaster . . .

Green Tree Festival 051

Sprinkle outlined number cookies and coordinating candles as filler cookies . . . now that I know how much better the colored icing looks under the candles, not sure I can go back to using white icing like I did here.

Green Tree Festival 056

Green Tree Festival 058Green Tree Festival 059

Green Tree Festival 062
The Dora set . . .
Green Tree Festival 093
The back up “Birthday Fillers” . . .
Green Tree Festival 095
Happy Birthday Annabel!
Green Tree Festival 103
Whoops!  Guess I shouldn’t have tried to re-organize the tray one last time . . .
Green Tree Festival 114

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