September 12, 2014

Baby Shower Ducks

Baby shower duck favors for a baby shower that one of my best friends is hosting this weekend . . .

September 136
Somehow I only have two duck cookie cutters (and now that we’re looking at the second one, it’s probably a funny looking bird).  Anyway, the plastic cutter dipped in flour trick worked pretty well to keep edges somewhat smooth.
September 092
September 090
Beak color = orange + white
September 099
Duck color = yellow + white with a sparkly black ball for the eye to give it a somewhat 3-D effect and save me from mixing up black icing!
September 098
My attempt at a bow & dots – not a huge fan!
September 107
Instead, I added a duck wing after the base coat dried overnight.  Start icing at the right tip and go counter clockwise to get easiest “swirls” on the wing.
September 127
One standing duck – almost made them all this way, but since I think they are displaying the favor bags on a tray, it might not work.  BUT, this one cute 3-D duck is going along to stand in the middle of the tray!
September 130
September 137
September 138
September 139
September 141
September 142


  1. These were SOOOOOO delicious!!!! For a moment you hate to bite into it....but once you taste it.....NO PROBLEM polishing it off.

  2. You are too sweet Mary! It was so fun to make the standing duck - my boys have all kinds of plans for future cookies that "stand up"


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