September 9, 2014

40th Birthday

This was my first 40th birthday set for a wine-loving friend . . . and now that I think about it, it’s probably my first non-Disney/Lego/Sesame Street birthday set!
September 252
Since I was starting from scratch on this one, I went with something simple (that didn’t have any black teeth-staining icing!) . . . my favorite birthday candle cookies that I made last year for my Dad’s birthday in white/sparkly silver.
September 171
And sometimes even the simplest cookies get messed up!  This would count as a “junker” and have a swarm of boys waiting to eat it!
September 172
Base coats done . . . ready to let them dry overnight. The gray colors were just various ratios of black/white Americolor gel.
September 173
I LOVE my new scalloped cookie cutter, but need to remember to try this double cookie cutter trick (by Lila Loa) next time – hopefully my circles can be just a bit more round.
September 183
  • cursive “forty” – English Essay
  • “Happy Birthday” – KG Somebody that I Used to Know (also want to try MySkinnyJeans next time)
September 185
Added a black outline – not too much black icing to stain everyone’s teeth   Smile
September 186
September 245
Wine bottle idea from 148 Cookie Street – 40th Birthday Wine Themed set
September 250
Still working on cookie pictures – not sure about white vs. black background???
September 256
September 266

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