September 30, 2014

Valentine Cookie Delivery (2010)

Some of my very first sugar cookies . . .

February 2010 057

Made with the sweetest little helpers . . .

February 2010 045

February 2010 046

And lots of sprinkles to cover up the uneven edges . . .

February 2010 058

February 2010 059

All packaged up for “Valentine Deliveries” . . .

February 2010 060

Back when I had time to make sure we all had matching “Love Monkey” shirts for holidays like Valentine’s Day!

February 2010 065

February 2010 068

Sweet little Nick’s 1st cookie delivery for Grandpa . . . (along with a handmade Valentine picture!)

February 2010 091

September 28, 2014

All Saints Academy Crosses

This weekend we had a super fun Friday night cookie lesson/play date with my sister and nephew!  The two little boys had a great time playing with their cousin while my sister and I made blue and gold cookies for my nephew’s Grandparents Day celebration as his preschool on Sunday.

This might be the single fastest batch of cookies I've ever made!  (1) Because she brought the dough already made, rolled out and baked the cookies while I did pizza pick up and little kid supervision; (2) She iced the white parts and all I had to do was the fun decorations on top . . . too bad she doesn't want to come work in a bakery with me here!!!

I was so excited to get a picture of the final product today before they went to Grandparent's Day!

September 021

September 098

September 026

September 099

September 22, 2014

Casino Night Auctions

With a poker loving husband and board game loving kids, I decided it was probably worth organizing these cookie pictures next. 

Here are the cookie platters from our school's January 2014 Casino Night Auction.  Since I waited until the very last minute to make this huge batch of cookies (and on the same weekend as two of the kids’ birthdays), it was a good thing I had already done the poker chips, dice and sparkly dollar signs the previous year!  It’s what gave me time to try out the school logo and playing cards that I added to the tray this year . . . 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Birthday Party 153

The new school logo . . .

Teenage Mutant Ninja Birthday Party 150

I used Wilton® White Pearl Dust to make the dollar signs ($) shiny.  After multiple attempts at using this pearl dust in the past, I’ve found that dipping a small brush in vodka and then in the pearl dust before gently painting it on COMPLETELY DRIED cookies works best.  The vodka slowly evaporates leaving a nice pearly shine.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Birthday Party 151

Fullscreen capture 9222014 82020 PM.bmp

Teenage Mutant Ninja Birthday Party 152

One of the cookies trays all packed up and ready to deliver to school . . .

Teenage Mutant Ninja Birthday Party 146

2013 Auction Cookies:

Shana 050

Looking back, I wish I would have added numbers to the cookies and some yellow poker chips this time!   Fortunately, I’m guessing there may just be a next time for these cookies (even if it’s just family game night).


Drying dice . . .


Shana 060

September 15, 2014

Dora the Explorer Birthday

Birthday cookies for a sweet Dora loving 2 year old girl . . .

Green Tree Festival 109

I would have never attempted the Dora characters without the Sugarbelle Tutorial: Dora Cookies Simplified

Cookie cutters: candy corn with top cut off (Backpack) and a rounded 3-tier cake with the sides cut off (the Map). 

Next time I need to make sure to ice the bottom of the backpack first and let it dry a little long before icing the top flap. (and leftover ducks from the baby shower this weekend!)

Green Tree Festival 026

Base coats drying.  For the two-tone stars, I mixed the darker color in a bowl, put 1/2 the icing in a bottle and then used white to lightened the other half.

Green Tree Festival 027

Happy Birthday plaque (font: CK Somebody I Used to Know).

Green Tree Festival 029

Green Tree Festival 032

I hedged my bets on the characters and made other “plain birthday cookies” just in case the characters were a total disaster . . .

Green Tree Festival 051

Sprinkle outlined number cookies and coordinating candles as filler cookies . . . now that I know how much better the colored icing looks under the candles, not sure I can go back to using white icing like I did here.

Green Tree Festival 056

Green Tree Festival 058Green Tree Festival 059

Green Tree Festival 062
The Dora set . . .
Green Tree Festival 093
The back up “Birthday Fillers” . . .
Green Tree Festival 095
Happy Birthday Annabel!
Green Tree Festival 103
Whoops!  Guess I shouldn’t have tried to re-organize the tray one last time . . .
Green Tree Festival 114

September 12, 2014

Baby Shower Ducks

Baby shower duck favors for a baby shower that one of my best friends is hosting this weekend . . .

September 136
Somehow I only have two duck cookie cutters (and now that we’re looking at the second one, it’s probably a funny looking bird).  Anyway, the plastic cutter dipped in flour trick worked pretty well to keep edges somewhat smooth.
September 092
September 090
Beak color = orange + white
September 099
Duck color = yellow + white with a sparkly black ball for the eye to give it a somewhat 3-D effect and save me from mixing up black icing!
September 098
My attempt at a bow & dots – not a huge fan!
September 107
Instead, I added a duck wing after the base coat dried overnight.  Start icing at the right tip and go counter clockwise to get easiest “swirls” on the wing.
September 127
One standing duck – almost made them all this way, but since I think they are displaying the favor bags on a tray, it might not work.  BUT, this one cute 3-D duck is going along to stand in the middle of the tray!
September 130
September 137
September 138
September 139
September 141
September 142
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