August 26, 2014

Super Hero Party

Last year’s Kindergarten boy poster party was a Super Hero day at the Park!  My job was to bring the Spiderman cookie favors and silverware wrapped in superhero bands.  For my non-St Peter friends, poster parties are fabulous fundraisers where families host and pay for parties for adults/kids and then families sign up and pay the school to attend. 

To make the cookies, I used a super simple SweetSugarbelle tutorial.  Only 3 icing colors, an egg cookie cutter and a handmade “Spiderman Eye Stencil” that now I can’t seem to find anywhere!!! 

Notre Dame 002


Next time I will have to let the black eye liner dry longer before filling with white so they don’t bleed.  Oh well – a work trip to Germany interfered with proper icing scheduling  Smile  Good thing I didn’t find out until I got back and it was too late to do anything but bag them up and head to the party!  Something tells me the Kindergarten boys all dressed up in Super Hero costume didn’t notice the black icing bleeding into the white!?!?


Notre Dame 003

Notre Dame 004

Cameo Silhouette files:

Batman Napkin Wrap
Spiderman Napkin Wrap

Notre Dame 005

Notre Dame 020

My very favorite little Super Hero . . .

Notre Dame 025

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