June 28, 2015

our fourth of july celebrations

Before I start baking for next weekend, I looked back at pictures of our past July 4th celebrations . . . at least things seem to be improving!

Last year was a summer themed 4th of July cookie platter . . . mostly copied from the Block Party cookies I made the week before:


The cousins enjoying “ice cream cones” . . .


2013 - a 4th of July birthday platter for my friend's son's 6th birthday party


2012: lots of “dipped” mini-star cookies with sprinkles and festive ribbons . . .




2010 was a year of cupcake wrappers and sparkly decorations . . . starting with breakfast blueberry muffins & chocolate milk:

July 4th 012

and then multi-colored birthday cupcakes for Aunt Jamie's July 3rd birthday . . .

July 4th 031

and a sleepy kiddo on the drive home . . .


In 2008, it was unevenly stacked birthday cupcakes for Aunt Jamie made by the sweetest 2 year old baker . . .

2008.7.5 (Jamie's Birthday Cupcakes) 007

Fortunately, we've come a long way from only having themed cupcake wrappers!

2008.7.5 (4th of July Weekend) 005

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