August 30, 2014

First Communion Cookies

Since we're a only a little over a year away from another first communion, I thought it was worth getting these organized!

2014-04 (Erin Iphone) 332

2014-04 (Erin Iphone) 339

Rosary cookies from LizyBBakes and SweetPudgyPanda

2014-04 (Erin Iphone) 346

How could I say no when Ben asked for white rock candy???? At least he knew to stay with the theme!

2014-04 (Erin Iphone) 354

So happy and relieved to be home for the party . . .

Ben's First Communion 065

A family friend's confirmation (2013) . . . all white confirmation cookies

April 2013 026-001

Sweet baby Drew’s baptism (2011) . . . simple cross cookie favors

Baptism 126

Zoo 138

August 26, 2014

Super Hero Party

Last year’s Kindergarten boy poster party was a Super Hero day at the Park!  My job was to bring the Spiderman cookie favors and silverware wrapped in superhero bands.  For my non-St Peter friends, poster parties are fabulous fundraisers where families host and pay for parties for adults/kids and then families sign up and pay the school to attend. 

To make the cookies, I used a super simple SweetSugarbelle tutorial.  Only 3 icing colors, an egg cookie cutter and a handmade “Spiderman Eye Stencil” that now I can’t seem to find anywhere!!! 

Notre Dame 002


Next time I will have to let the black eye liner dry longer before filling with white so they don’t bleed.  Oh well – a work trip to Germany interfered with proper icing scheduling  Smile  Good thing I didn’t find out until I got back and it was too late to do anything but bag them up and head to the party!  Something tells me the Kindergarten boys all dressed up in Super Hero costume didn’t notice the black icing bleeding into the white!?!?


Notre Dame 003

Notre Dame 004

Cameo Silhouette files:

Batman Napkin Wrap
Spiderman Napkin Wrap

Notre Dame 005

Notre Dame 020

My very favorite little Super Hero . . .

Notre Dame 025

August 24, 2014

Back to School Cookies

Summer is officially over when I start making chalk board and crayon cookies! 
August 052
August 002
August 021
August 022
August 025
August 027
August 028
August 037
August 040
Cookie platter all ready for the Back to School New Family party!
August 042
2013 New Parent Party platter (light green/light blue icing):
Cookies 003
2013 Teacher Appreciation Lunch (regular sized cookies) with gold filled in crosses and lighter blue STP logos:
St Patty's Day 151
May 2012: Nick’s preschool graduation was my first attempt at “school cookies”. 
Maybe the cutest preschool graduate ever . . .
Preschool Graduation 142
Preschool Graduation 177
We made cookies bags to hold teacher gift cards . . .
Preschool Graduation 120
Preschool Graduation 123
Preschool Graduation 125
Cookie bags for all of Nick’s friends . . .
Preschool Graduation 137

August 16, 2014

Baseball Cookies

What happens when your sweet Kindergartener asks when you think you will be making “Cruncher’s Cookies” for his baseball team and then very gently reminds you that you’ve already made “Angels Cookies” TWICE (for big brother’s team) – yikes!?!  Of course, you make Crunchers cookies!

Summer 2014 153

I quickly told him that I was just getting ready to make them, but had not started yet because his end of year party wasn’t until next week (it's not really a lie if I make it true, right?).  I sent a quick email to the coach randomly asking to bring cookies to the bowling party and got out my planner and scheduled some late night Cruncher’s cookie baking.

Once the “cookie time” (generally after the boys go to bed) was scheduled, I still needed a “cookie plan” which in theory should have been super simple, given all the Angels Cookies I’ve apparently made!   As I sorted through the 100,000 pictures (yes, somehow it’s up to 100,000 already - which may be why our computer is struggling) that I now have on my hard drive to find the Angel cookies, I realized I might need to figure out a better way to organize cookie pictures if I'm ever going to have time to keep up this hobby.  So, now that the Crunchers cookies are done - - I am trying out this blog!

Summer 2014 136

Summer 2014 137

Summer 2014 139

Summer 2014 146

Here are some of the other baseball cookies I found buried in our family pictures – some of the cookies aren’t the best, but I couldn’t resist the picture of the sweet little boys I make the cookies for    Smile

Fredbird party (2011) . . .

Fredbird 189

Fredbird 191

Fredbird 232

Fredbird 312

2012 Angels baseball end of year party . . .

Angels Baseball 002

2014 Angels baseball party . . .



2014 trip to Milwaukee for the Cardinals/Brewers games . . .



My little Cardinals tailgating with our Brewer friends in their Green Bay Packers tent, while sitting in Notre Dame chairs !?!?!?!?



Next I need to organize all of my printouts . . . something tells me this won’t be my batch of Cardinal logo cookies with a house full of St Louis Cardinal loving boys!


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