May 25, 2016

football and minecraft birthdays

More birthday pics - this was a last minute party we planned when we found out their cousins from Washington DC would be in town!  The themes were planned out entirely by the boys!

Minecraft for the 10 year old . . .

And football for the 8 year old . . .

Lesson learned - fondant on warm cake gets melty and lumpy :(


May 17, 2016

bridal shower favors

My aunt hosted a bridal shower a few weeks ago and wanted simple cookies to bag as party favors!  

March 30, 2016

easter 2016

Icing Colors
Light pink - Copper (Fleshtone)
Coral - Red + Electric Orange + White
Deep Pink - Deep Pink + Fuschia + Red (ADDED CORAL ICING prepared above to make it less purple) + White
Green = Electric Blue + Mint Green + White (use less Mint Green next time)

Cookie coloring time . . . (notice the one he accidentally ate!)  I didn't get the markers out soon enough!

The self-declared coloring contest "Winner":

March 20, 2016

happy 5th birthday!

This little guy helped make the whole cake!  Greasing up his hands to make marshmallow fondant . . .

After spraying with Silver Shine . . .

Now on to the cookies . . . he colored each one all by himself!  We thought about making them party favors for his cousins, but he didn't stop coloring.

December 21, 2015

neighbor christmas treats

When I saw this adorable idea on The Decorated Cookie blog, I knew we had to make these  snowman hot cocoa stirrers!  Now that the boys are getting older, I promised myself that we would make time for "neighbor gifts" from here on out. 

Instead of the wooden skewers, we used these cute striped lollipop sticks and tied them to a packet of hot cocoa!

Instead of melted chocolate, we used stiffer than normal glaze icing and it worked great!

Wilton pretzel bags fit perfectly!

Perfect project to do sitting by the fire, watching Christmas movies!

All sorted in a basket with our Christmas cards, ready to deliver to neighbor kids!

December 18, 2015

christmas holly wreath

A quick holly berry wreath for the work Christmas party . . .

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